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Are you a high-performing organization?

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Are you a high-performing organization?

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I firmly believe that the excellence of the nonprofit organizations in our community is an urgent matter. At Saint Luke’s Foundation, part of our role is to strengthen and build the capacity of our grantees so that they may best serve their missions. We also endeavor every day to become stronger as an organization, as a funder, and as a community partner. As such, I have been a part of a group of nonprofit thought leaders and practitioners from across the country brought together by Mario Morino, author of Leap of Reason. This group, called the Leap Ambassadors, is dedicated to inspiring, motivating and supporting nonprofit and public sector leaders and stakeholders to build great organizations for greater societal impact.

Over the course of a year, we have worked on creating a clear definition of “high performance” and a definitive outline of what a successful, high-performing nonprofit organization looks like. There was much discussion, compromise, revision and spirited conversation involved in crafting the contents of this short document; but the result was worth all of the process and effort that went into it.

DownloadThe Performance Imperative here.

“The Performance Imperative” (PI) includes a description of the seven key pillars that this group believes must be present in a truly high-performing organization. The PI doesn’t read like a watered-down, least-common-denominator white paper. It reads like the collective wisdom of some of the brightest people I have ever worked with in the nonprofit and philanthropic arenas.

I believe that the uses for this PI will be many. I hope you will use it as a reference and refer back to it many times. In particular, I hope that you will look for your organization within the pages, and visualize your strengths and opportunities.

It is my wish that becoming acquainted with this work is only the first of many steps we all take toward continuous improvement – steps that take us on a journey in the relentless pursuit of excellence. The people we serve deserve nothing less.


Anne C. Goodman
President and CEO



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