Lift Every Voice 216

Lift Every Voice 216 is designed as a platform to empower community residents and to enable them to direct where our grant dollars should within their community.

Through the Lift Every Voice 216 initiative, spearheaded by Saint Luke’s Foundation, we are committed to fostering a democratic space where community input intersects with our grantmaking efforts. Our goal is to ensure that our grants accurately reflect the needs of the community.

Community Success

$1.125 Million Awarded in our Community: Because of Your Voice

Lift Every Voice 216 is about empowering residents to act as grantmakers as we collectively decide where grants go.

In 2022, with the power of over 4,000 community responses using Lift Every Voice 216, we awarded $1.125 million to 20 local nonprofits and 20 local businesses highly valued by the community.

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About Lift Every Voice 216

Rightfully Ensuring Residents Have a Seat at the Decision-Making Table


Residents can direct where we invest our grant dollars where you have input in shaping the services meant to help you and your neighborhood.


Lift Every Voice 216 is a community engagement platform designed for community stakeholders to provide feedback on community services.


Members of the community can sign up for Lift Every 216 and receive community resources as well as updates on our findings and our funding strategy.


We want to hear from you! Share your feedback on LEV216.org, and become a member so that we can keep you informed about our findings.

Power Shifting Starts By Listening to the Community

Vibrate Higher: Using Creativity to Emotionally Heal and Inspire Social Change with Talib Kweli

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Food Justice in Cleveland: Nourishing and Harvesting Equality

Watch our community forum with local food justice leaders about how they address food justice in Cleveland.

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Community Findings

Healthy Eating, Active Living: More than Just Food and Exercise

Residents voiced that healthy eating and active living are about more than just food and exercise; it's a holistic approach that nurtures the mind, body, and building a connection to the environment. Learn more about the community's perspective on healthy eating and active living.

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Financial Stability: The Freedom to Build and Leave a Legacy

Residents believe that financial stability is about empowerment, freedom to build and leave a lasting legacy to one family and children. It's not just about wealth, but about creating a foundation for future generations to thrive. Learn more about the community's perspective on financial stability.

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Uplifting Your Choice with Lift Every Voice

Participate in Lift Every Voice 216 and share your thoughts, opinions, and needs. Your input will help us to better direct funds and resources effectively to meet your community’s needs.

Complete our latest community surveys, which are tailored to each of our foundational strategies.


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