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"The practice of democracy is a vehicle towards a healthy and thriving society."

We believe in the power of policy to cement lasting change within the communities we actively support. Our dedication goes beyond immediate aid; we collaborate with organizations and initiatives to ensure the passage of equitable health policies that support our neighborhoods.

We seek to support advocacy efforts for policies that are just and proactive and target the inequitable practices of institutions and systems. It’s our priority to reflect the voices and needs of the neighborhoods we support through supporting organizations that champion policies addressing social determinants of health, thus advancing health equity.

Lastly, we not only endorse policies that expand access to comprehensive, affordable health care but also actively engage in policy initiatives at various governmental levels.

Our goal is for us and our partners to be a catalyst for policy change, contributing significantly to the erasure of health disparities.

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Support Advocacy and Policies That Achieve Health Equity By Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Advocating for equitable health policies that close health disparities requires ongoing education, mobilization, and activation. At the core of our mission, we foster positive policy changes through a multi-faceted approach: deepening knowledge with diverse policy and advocacy stakeholders, investing in policy and advocacy organizations, and building the capacity of our strategy partners in policy, advocacy, and community organizing. These combined efforts are pivotal in sculpting a healthcare landscape where equity is not just an aspiration, but a reality.

Support Advocacy and Policies That Increase Access to Affordable, Comprehensive Physical and Behavioral Health Care for All

Health equity is highly connected to healthcare access. We invest in organizations dedicated to policy, advocacy, and community engagement, and we support the capabilities of our strategy partners and stakeholders. Our goal is not only to improve health outcomes now but also to establish a foundation for the long lasting health of future generations.

Increase the Foundation’s Leadership in Local, State, and National Policy Initiatives That Help Close the Health Equity Gap

Leading in health equity, Saint Luke's Foundation drives policy initiatives at various governmental levels. Our approach includes training our board and staff for effective advocacy, fostering learning and collaboration among diverse health equity stakeholders, actively engaging in cross-sector partnerships for policy influence, and staying vigilant to the changing policy environment. These strategies collectively advance our mission, shaping a health landscape where equity is achieved and sustained.


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We and our strategy partners work together to close the health equity gaps. Stay informed about our latest initiatives, grantmaking news, and upcoming events, as well as the recent efforts of our strategy partners.