Neighborhood of Choice


Making Deeper Investments in Neighborhoods Surrounding Saint Luke's

In the heart of the Buckeye, Woodhill, Shaker Square, and Mt. Pleasant neighborhoods, lies a culture of devotion and resilience. 

A person’s zip code should not be a better predictor of their health outcomes than their genetic makeup, but unfortunately that is the reality. Places that people desire to live – Neighborhoods of Choice – is about offering resources that support healthy lifestyles and well-being: Safe and well-maintained parks, playgrounds, and sidewalks; trees and appealing landscapes; well-maintained housing; high quality schools and other community institutions, and grocery stores.

Neighborhoods of Choice offer opportunities for civic engagement and placemaking initiatives like community-led festivals, events, public art, or community garden projects to promote cultural pride. These in turn lead to decreased stress while enhancing social connections and social capital. Our goal is to build neighborhoods where people are proud to visit, shop, play, and live.

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Support Enhancements to the Physical Environment

We are committed to improving the neighborhoods around Saint Luke’s by investing in physical infrastructure improvements, while preserving each neighborhood’s unique character. Recognizing the importance of capital investments and infrastructural improvements in creating sustainable, thriving environments, we focus on uplifting the neighborhood’s physical and functional appeal through investment in parks, green spaces, and transit systems, and more.

Support Efforts to Develop and Sustain Thriving Commercial Corridors

To foster a thriving local economy that reflects community needs, we support commercial districts that encourage visitors and residents to shop, dine, work, and play. By doing so, we strive to create a vibrant and prosperous environment that is inviting for everyone. We prioritize creating welcoming, secure, and inclusive commercial corridors, because we believe this will attract new visitors and encourage them to contribute to the community's ongoing growth and development.

Eliminate Residential Blight

We strive to transform our neighborhoods into beautiful, functional spaces by addressing residential blight. By eliminating physical barriers and safety hazards, and repurposing remaining land for the benefit of residents, we aim to convert blighted areas into valuable community assets, fostering resident pride and well-being.

Improving Community Safety

Safety and comfort are essential for a neighborhood’s vibrancy. We recognize that a cohesive community starts with each resident feeling secure. To address both actual and perceived safety concerns, we focus on physical improvements. We aim to support organizations that provide residents with resources to create and implement their own neighborhood safety solutions that reduce hazards and boost their proactive role in community safety.

Improving Resident’s Socio-Emotional Well-being

Improving socio-emotional health is vital as we strive to close the health disparities gaps in the neighborhoods around Saint Luke’s. We aim to create spaces for healing, play, and laughter, and to provide resources that strengthen community cohesion and well-being. Our goal is to enhance residents’ quality of life and social and emotional health, while fostering mindfulness and building connections.


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We and our strategy partners work together to close the health equity gaps. Stay informed about our latest initiatives, grantmaking news, and upcoming events, as well as the recent efforts of our strategy partners.