Educational Attainment


"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."

We understand that a solid educational foundation is not just about acquiring skills and knowledge; it’s a vital part of social and emotional development and a stepping stone to greater earning potential and better health.

To close the health gap, we aim to increase the number of young children enrolled in high-quality early childhood education programs and increase the number of individuals completing their post-secondary education and training.

We are committed to creating opportunities that encourage family engagement in their child’s educational, social, and emotional development.

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Educational Attainment Sub-strategies

Increasing more Children in to Early Childhood Programs

By increasing the number of young children in high-quality early education programs, we support organizations that provide children greater opportunities for improved health, educational, and professional success. These early childhood programs do more than provide vital knowledge and skills; they establish a foundation for healthier behaviors, improved living conditions, and access to critical resources such as nutritious food, health services, and transportation.

Supporting Post-Secondary Education and Job Training

Educational attainment extends beyond post-secondary education to include job training. Research indicates that more education leads to better job opportunities, healthier work conditions, and better health benefits. By investing in post-secondary education and training, we aim to ensure that residents in our neighborhoods can achieve higher earnings and success. This, in turn, can reduce health problems tied to financial instability and enable living in less stressful environments.

Supporting Family Engagement in Childhood Education

A solid education is a result of community effort, involving not just the hard work of students, but also the essential support from their families and community. Family engagement is crucial for children's academic success and is equally important for their social and emotional development. The Saint Luke’s Foundation is committed to supporting organizations that ensure every student benefits from this vital family engagement and development.


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