Who We Are

Valuing Diverse Expertise: Meet Our Leaders

The Foundation’s board, staff, and resident committee comprises a dedicated group of community leaders.

They work collectively to advance the Foundation’s strategies and goals in eliminating barriers to health equity, utilizing both their extensive personal and professional expertise.

Board of Trustees

The board of trustees of Saint Luke’s Foundation consists of a dedicated and diverse group; with backgrounds in law, communications, education, finance, public health, and community development, they generously dedicate their time and expertise to ensure the Foundation upholds its mission and vision.



Saint Luke’s Foundation Staff

The Saint Luke’s Foundation staff exemplifies dedication and expertise, driven by a commitment to building relationships with community leaders. With a hands-on approach, the staff diligently works to support organizations aiming to improve the health of surrounding neighborhoods. They connect leaders with grant opportunities and resources, better positioning them to thrive.

Resident Advancement Committee Members

The Resident Advancement Committee (RAC) is a grantmaking body comprised of 10 residents from Buckeye, Woodland Hills, and Mt. Pleasant, who oversee the Foundation’s community grant budget of $140,000. The Resident Advancement Committee independently reviews and awards community grants in their own communities.


Saint Luke’s Latest News & Updates

We and our strategy partners work together to close the health equity gaps. Stay informed about our latest initiatives, grantmaking news, and upcoming events, as well as the recent efforts of our strategy partners.