Strategies & Goals

Every Resident Deserves Excellent Health

Our purpose begins with a commitment to health equity. We believe everyone deserves a fair opportunity to live a long, healthy life – where one’s race, ethnicity, gender, income, sexual orientation, neighborhood, or other social conditions should not affect their health outcomes.

We recognize that these factors collectively play a more significant role in achieving health equity than medical care alone. We’re dedicated to ensuring that every resident achieves excellent health.

Our strategy and goals serve as our guiding focus in addressing the social determinants of health.

Our Goals

We Uphold Healthy Partnerships, Policies, and Foundational Values

We uphold a commitment to closing health equity gaps by investing in key community partnerships, advocating for equitable health policies, and maintaining high performance standards in our operations.

Goal 1  
Close the Health Equity Gap

We strive to support organizations dedicated to education, financial stability, safe housing and stability, social connection, healthy eating and living, and neighborhoods around Saint Luke.

Goal 2  
Advance Equitable 
Health Policies

We invest in efforts to advance equitable policies and practices that reduce the unfair treatment and disparate impact of institutions, and systems on marginalized groups.

Goal 3  
Be a High Performing Foundation

We embody our values through outcome-focused grantmaking, strategic partnerships, qualitative and quantitative evaluations, and by operating with integrity and excellence.

Our Strategies

Advancing Towards Health Equity

The Saint Luke’s Foundation is dedicated to partnering with communities and organizations to
address systemic barriers, unlocking opportunities, and advocating for justice for all.

Below are the seven strategies we are committed to for addressing health equity:


Saint Luke’s Latest News & Updates

We and our strategy partners work together to close the health equity gaps. Stay informed about our latest initiatives, grantmaking news, and upcoming events, as well as the recent efforts of our strategy partners.