Household Financial Stability


"Financial stability is the foundation of freedom, well-being, and opportunity for everyone."

When our neighbors, families and friends experience financial stability, they often benefit from lower levels of stress, depression, and stronger health outcomes overall. When residents have access to meaningful work that pays a living wage, we see far less crime and even an increase in civic participation.

In a financially stable household, parents earn enough to sustain their families, to plan for the future, and to participate in activities crucial for their child’s development. They don’t have to choose between putting food on the table by taking on a second or third job, and having the free time to engage with, show up for, or read to their children. 

To address these challenges, we invest in organizations that improve access to jobs that can sustain families, increase access to public benefits, and otherwise improve residents’ financial security. Our goal is to help families not just save money, but to pave a path towards a secure and financially healthy future. 

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Improving Access to Family-Sustaining Employment

Employment that meets the needs of families is vital for their financial health and well-being. Without it, families may face higher levels of stress and anxiety, which can shorten one’s life expectancy. We focus on supporting organizations that extend employment opportunities for more community members to improve their financial health.

Expanding Access to Public Benefits

Critical programs such as SNAP and Medicaid are essentials towards the betterment of communities we actively support. Without these safety nets, even working families are unable to afford essentials such as health insurance, nutritious food, and safe places to live. We all deserve the opportunity to live a long and prosperous life, no matter who we are, where we live, or how much or how little we work/earn.

Building Financial Assets

Money management is an essential component of living well and staying healthy. When families who earn enough to meet their essential needs come together to learn and share strategies to build generational wealth, they not only increase their own life expectancy, but that of their children and grandchildren, as well.


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