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Guest Blogger Angelique Farmer on Internship Experience

(6.21.17) These three weeks at the Saint Luke’s Foundation have been very engaging. In week one I have learned how to operate in an office environment and made new connections with the most wonderful people you can meet – from residents, a landscape architect, former and current councilmen, a horticulturist and a police captain. I also had my first real business lunch meeting. The Saint Luke’s staff has been welcoming and very passionate about the work it does. There was never a dull day interning at the Saint Luke’s Foundation. While there I participated in many meetings. One particular meeting was the meeting about the app Streetwyze.

Guest Blogger Angelique Farmer on Internship Experience

Streetwyze is a navigation app that helps people find safe places in theirneighborhood (think Yelp for public spaces and neighborhood amenities). LAND studio and Streetwyze teamed up for the summer to help promote the app in the Buckeye, Mount Pleasant and Woodland Hills neighborhoods. Me, Te’yon and other neighborhood youth were selected to help promote the app throughout the summer. At the start of the project I did not really know what to expect. I was really nervous about walking up to random people to ask them about their neighborhood. The first event I attended was Porchfest. I was nervous but as I got into the flow of it, it was like having a conversation with someone I already knew. At the end of the event I could say I was more connected with the neighborhood and its people.

Working with Saint Luke’s, Streetwyze and LAND studio, I have to say was a great learning experience. I plan to continue working with Streetwyze and LAND studio for the rest of the summer, and hope to keep in contact with the Saint Luke’s team.

Angelique Farmer is a rising senior at JFK E3agle Academy, a CMSD high school focused on social justice. She parleyed her assignment with Saint Luke’s into a team leader position for the roll out of the Streetwyze app. If you see her this summer – say hi!


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