News October 28, 2015

Neighbor Up network creates connective tissue for community

Posted October 28, 2015 in News Items

Neighbor Up network creates connective tissue for community

(10.28.15) A Strong Neighborhood grantee Neighborhood Connections brings together residents, local businesses, congregations, families and other neighborhood stakeholders in order to build a network that provides mutual support, works collectively on issues, and connects to important and timely information.

Recently, the organization sponsored Greater Buckeye Network Night @ East End. The Neighbor UP network featured at the event will serve as the “connective tissue” of the community. It is intended to create opportunities for people to build trust across geographic, racial, class and community-institutional barriers; to support one another; to act together on systemic issues; to create a sense of co-ownership among residents; and to connect people to opportunities and resources. Through The Neighbor UP Network, individuals, families and community stakeholders will achieve a greater sense of ownership of their community and forge greater opportunities for success.


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