News May 16, 2022

Saint Luke’s Foundation Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary: A New Chapter. A Reaffirmed Commitment.

May 16, 2022. This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Saint Luke’s Foundation. Twenty-five years ago, an Ad Hoc Transition Committee shared a vision for the Saint Luke’s Foundation with the Saint Luke’s Hospital Association that sought “to foster and improve the well-being of the people of Northeast Ohio.” The Foundation believes everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and zip code, deserves a life free of health disparities.

For a quarter of a century, the Foundation elevated the importance of socioemotional health throughout its footprint. Most notably, the Foundation is honored to have invested more than 3,000 grants and gifts totaling over $165 million to surrounding communities and throughout Cuyahoga County. In this historical achievement, the Foundation challenged itself to reflect on its social impact and discover innovative ways to advance health equity in its new chapter. Therefore, the Saint Luke’s Foundation is firmly committed to making a more profound impact and fostering stronger relationships within the community. In honor of the Foundation’s expanded commitment to uplifting the voices and concerns of the residents served; Lift Every Voice was born.

Lift Every Voice has three purposes: to serve as a community engagement platform for community residents to express their collective needs, to encourage constructive community dialogues between the Foundation and community residents, and, lastly, to generate catalytic change with the community by aligning the Foundation’s grantmaking strategies with the expressed healthy equity interests of the community. Ultimately, the Foundation strives to support residents to be their own advocates of their

“The staff and board of the Saint Luke’s Foundation are honored to celebrate our twenty-fifth year of promoting health equity. Since its inception, we have and will continue to address the social determinants of health, and we hope our Anniversary Event Series serves as an emblem of our commitment to the community,” said Tim Tramble, President and CEO of Saint Luke’s Foundation. “We ask the communities we serve to get to know us as we are today, and we can get to know them. We wish sincerely to work collaboratively to build a stronger and healthier community.”

To commemorate this milestone and our reaffirmed commitment to health equity, the Foundation will host upcoming programs, special events, and opportunities to celebrate local organizations and businesses in the Foundation’s footprint for its 25th Anniversary. The Foundation utilized the findings expressed from Lift Every Voice to design its anniversary programs. Additionally, the Foundation will host a second community bike ride on August 25th and a second community forum in fall 2022.

25th Anniversary Celebration Series

Community Bike Ride
June 14th at 5 PM (Tentative rain date is June 16th)

Details: Community residents and the Saint Luke’s Foundation will put H.E.A.L into action by exploring the neighborhood from a different lens. The purpose of the bike ride is to deepen existing relationships and develop new relationships with the residents through the power of active community engagement. We will explore local organizations and businesses in the footprint that demonstrate healthy eating and active living. Our goal is to foster community bonding and bring awareness to community activities.

Schedule: Meet at 5 PM and depart at 5:30 PM
Meeting Location: Concerned Citizens Community Council at 13611 Kinsman Rd, Cleveland, OH 44120

Equity: Building People Powered Movement Forum
June 30th at 5 PM

Details: In the Saint Luke’s Foundation’s continued commitment to listen, elevate, and uplift the voices and opinions of the community, the Saint Luke’s Foundation and the City Club of Cleveland will host a community forum around equity building at Morning Star Baptist Church. Local organizers/advocates, Resident Action Committee members, and community leaders will discuss their role to build equity and how residents can plug into existing people-powered movements in the neighborhood. Residents should
leave understanding the Saint Luke’s Foundation’s growing commitment to listening to the community’s needs and supporting our local economy. Additionally, local organizations and businesses, valued by the community residents, will be celebrated for their commitment to health equity.

For more information, contact Sharon Edmonds:
Phone: 216.431.8010 ext. 200

To RSVP for our upcoming Bike Ride on June 14th, click here.

If you are interested in learning more about our 25th Anniversary Event Series, please contact us at 216.431.8010 or visit us online at

We hope you will join us to celebrate the 25th year of Cleveland’s own Saint Luke’s Foundation.


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