News July 19, 2021

Saint Luke’s Foundation Launches Community Engagement Platform Lift Every Voice

CLEVELAND – The Saint Luke’s Foundation has launched a new community engagement platform titled “Lift Every Voice.” The Foundation hopes this new initiative will prove to be a powerful tool for informing their grantmaking decisions and shifting power to the populations served by their grant awards. The ultimate goal is to learn from the community how to best serve the community to foster greater impact from the Foundation’s investments.

“The community engagement platform is a vehicle for learning the pulse of the community and maintaining a two way dialogue where we have an ear to the community, share and confirm what we’re hearing and apply what we learn to our grantmaking process. In essence, it is a way for the community to guide the Foundation on how to best allocate resources,” said Tim Tramble, President and CEO of the Saint Luke’s Foundation.

The platform features multiple surveys designed to gain perspective on the Saint Luke’s Foundation’s funding priorities including educational attainment, financial stability, housing safety and stability, social connections, healthy eating and active living.

“As an effort to be more community-facing, we strive to put our stated values to practice, where our words show up in our actions. We recognize that the people who are served by the efforts we fund have an invaluable perspective and knowledge stemming from their lived experiences,” shared Tramble.

“We are committed to true equity and we believe Lift Every Voice will shift power to the people of the community. Equity is not in what we say, but rather in what we do. By simply listening and responding to community voices, we will better serve the community and foster better outcomes through the corresponding efforts we support.”

Members who engage with the platform will have access to corresponding email and text message communications, plus community resources and updates on the Foundation’s findings and funding strategy. For more information and to access the platform, please visit

Tim Tramble
President and CEO
Saint Luke’s Foundation
(216) 431-8010


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