News March 26, 2020

Saint Luke’s Foundation Learning Year

Dear Stakeholders,

The adoption of our new mission to improve health equity by addressing the social determinants of health in our neighborhood and throughout Cuyahoga County, opened up a world of possibilities to fund and partner with the many organizations on that same journey. During the first year of implementation of our new strategy, we have focused on ensuring that there is a good “fit” with our strategy in making investments of time and dollars.

This year, we want to take our strategy implementation plans to the next level. With a broad mission, we need to learn about where our resources can have the most impact. To do so, we must move from
“fit” to “impact.” ‘We must be intentional to ensure that the work fuels our vision of improving health equity.

Our 2020 plan is to listen, learn and research in order to develop a clear vision within each of our strategies. Our strategies will remain the same. We want our support from the Saint Luke’s Foundation to make the most difference. We will examine data and listen to our community to identify where is there greatest opportunity and best use of our resources.

As we engage and partner in this important work in 2020, we will be working with and accepting board applications from current grantees only.

We will communicate through our website, so please keep checking back here.

The Saint Luke’s Team


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