News August 22, 2022

The Saint Luke’s Foundation Announces Application period for Resident Advancement Committee

CLEVELAND – The Saint Luke’s Foundation announced the application for new community members of the Resident Advancement Committee is open from August 25– September 30th. By having residents supervise the Foundation’s community discretionary budget, the Resident Advancement Committee (RAC) is the Saint Luke’s pledge to foster community engagement, inclusivity, and community empowerment through the power of community-led grantmaking.

“We formed the Resident Advancement Committee to broaden the Foundation’s scope of impact, boost the Foundation’s ongoing learning with community members, and empower residents to drive community change, from the inside out,” said Timothy Tramble Sr, CEO, and President of Saint Luke’s Foundation. “We are proud of the Resident Advancement Committee’s transformative efforts and their joint asset-based approach to leading community initiatives.”

Residents from the Saint Luke’s footprint, Buckeye-Shaker, Mt. Pleasant, and Woodland Hills, make up the Resident Advancement Committee, which oversees the Foundation’s community discretionary fund. Since its beginning, the Resident Advancement Committee has awarded more than $300,000 to nonprofits and initiatives in Buckeye-Shaker, Mt. Pleasant, and Woodland Hills. In July 2022 they granted $45,385.26 to Beauty Beyond Brains, Thea Bowman Center, Rekindle, Concerned Citizens Community Council, Healing Music Arts for Seniors, and Shades of Grace.

Proposals for community grants are reviewed by the Resident Advancement Committee, which awards $120,000 yearly. The Resident Advancement Committee reviews funding proposals from the community to support neighborhood organizations and community programs that improve the neighborhood’s health social, economic, and environmental aspects.

Members of the Resident Advancement Committee will have the chance to evaluate Saint Luke’s community grant proposals. They will meet monthly in-person or online and have a 3-year term with the option to roll off each year. Interested community leaders must reside in Mount Pleasant, Buckeye-Shaker, or Woodland Hills, have good neighborly ties and be driven to improve and promote their neighborhoods. For more information and to apply by September 30th, visit


About the Saint Luke’s Foundation

Now in its 25th year of grant-making, Saint Luke’s Foundation is dedicated to achieving health equity by addressing social determinants of health for people in neighborhoods surrounding Saint Luke’s and throughout Cuyahoga County. Saint Luke’s believes that people thrive because of living free of racism and poverty and experiencing equitable economic opportunities and conditions that enable them to lead healthier lives. Since it was established with the charitable assets of the Saint Luke’s Medical Center in 1997, the Foundation has awarded over $160 million in grants. Information on the work of Saint Luke’s Foundation is available on the Foundation’s website:


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