News February 13, 2019

Purpose Built + Woodhill CHOICE

The Great Alignment

Purpose Built and Woodhill CHOICE are joining forces! The leadership of both initiatives – CMHA, The Cleveland Foundation, and St. Luke’s Foundation all agree that the alignment is beneficial to the community.

The intention is to join forces in a way that will increase the likelihood that Woodhill CHOICE receives implementation dollars for the redevelopment of Woodhill Estates. It also provides a safety net and alternative solution to the neighborhood transformation, even if the implementation dollars are not granted. By joining forces, energy, resources, and actions are aligned – maximizing efficiencies and increasing impact.

The new proposed governance structure includes an Executive Committee of 4 residents (2 Glenville, 2 Buckeye-Woodhill), Anne Goodman, India Pierce-Lee, Jeff Patterson, Commander Kutz, and Eric Gordon. There is a proposed Steering Committee that is comprised of residents and representatives of all sectors.

Separate Planning Teams are being proposed for Buckeye-Woodhill and Glenville. This team includes contractors/consultants that do research, and project leads such as Indigo and Kimalon. Current contractors of Woodhill CHOICE include City Architecture, Case Western Reserve University, ThirdSpace, and Neighborhood Connections. Justin Glanville has recently been added to the team.

Lastly, the new structure includes three Action Teams that focus on the built environment, whole people, and quality education. These teams include committee members and will engage the broader community to use the current data, their personal knowledge, relationships, and experience to create strategies that can be added to the CHOICE Implementation Plan. The teams are also being charged with developing short and midterm goals that can be acted on in the interim.

An ad hoc Governance Committee will be developed to create the policies, procedures, and the process for decision-making.

A Steering Committee meeting was held on February 7th that proposed the new structure and a draft timeline of activities. The name of the collaborative initiative, mission, and vision will be determined in a future meeting.

Purpose Built

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Woodhill CHOICE

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